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Yoga for Families with Children on the Spectrum


Caring for a child who is on the spectrum is no easy undertaking. There are a lot of physical and emotional challenges that come with the territory. Most parents aren’t prepared to handle the responsibilities that their little one requires from the get-go. If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, finding activities that help you relax and recenter is essential to both your child’s health and yours. This is where the benefits of Yoga come into play.

Besides improving strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness, Yoga — according to a recent study — can also improve the imitation skills, body and facial movement, sitting tolerance, and non-verbal communication of children on the spectrum.

Some clinics offer free family Yoga classes for families with children on the spectrum as a complement to ABA Therapy in Tampa, Florida.

These simple, structured programs are designed to introduce children on the spectrum to Yoga and teach them how to calm and de-stress themselves during challenging and/or overwhelming times. Parents can participate and partner up with their children, allowing them to strengthen their relationship and trust with each other.

For parents whose children are undergoing Autism Therapy, family Yoga might be a great supplement to their care.

Before starting any program, however, we highly recommend getting a professional opinion from a licensed therapist or practitioner.

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