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What You Need to Know About ABA Therapy


As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you may have heard about ABA therapy in Tampa, Florida. ABA means Applied Behavior Analysis which is grounded on the works of behaviorism specialist, B. F. Skinner aimed at reducing problem behavior.

ABA is a standard therapy for children having Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities such as ADHD which is accompanied by interfering behaviors. The objective of the therapy is to improve social interaction, acquire new skills, and engage in positive behaviors while reducing those which do not serve a purpose.

The therapy starts and focuses on understanding an individual’s behavior which is further divided into three aspects. The behavior aspects include the stimulus, the response, and the reinforcement. It is important to understand the principle of behavior – that there could be a reason or multiple reasons behind it. If the child is only treated based on what is seen and not the cause of their behavior, one risks the recurrence of the situation.

A stimulus is a trigger or the cause of the behavior. This may not be apparent at first glance. One needs to ask probing questions and observe the child and their environment to truly understand the behavior or why the child is responding in such a way. Based on actions, one can anticipate the consequences which can be both positive and negative.

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