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How Does ABA Therapy Work in Children with Special Needs?


Being a parent of a child with special needs, you will have to consider treatment to help them function amidst their condition and live an optimal quality of life. One of these treatments your healthcare professional will recommend to you will be Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy or ABA Therapy.

Usually, ABA Therapy is customized to meet the unique needs of your child. The approach is as follows:

  • Consultation and Assessment
    First, you will have to visit a provider of ABA Therapy in Tampa, Florida, so they can conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA). With this, the therapist will ask about your child’s strengths and abilities, as well as the things that may be difficult for them to do.

    The therapist will also spend time interacting with your child to observe their behavior, communication skills, and others. Often, they may visit your home and your child’s school, too.

  • Developing a Personalized Plan
    Through the observations and consultations, the therapist will then create a comprehensive treatment plan that will align with your child’s unique needs and include treatment goals. The goals are associated with minimizing the harmful and problematic behaviors in your child.
  • Training the Adults in Charge of the Child’s Care
    ABA is not limited to the ABA therapist. It applies to parents, caregivers, and teachers to help reinforce behaviors outside of therapy. That way, your child can effectively meet treatment goals.

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