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Early Interventions for Your Baby


Our advancement in science has ushered in new medical and healthcare solutions that address complex conditions. Being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder is not the end.

Solutions such as ABA Therapy in Tampa, Florida can help patients get better. Applied behavioral analysis or ABA can improve a child’s skills. There are specific types of ABA recommended based on the child’s diagnosis, challenges, and age.

  • For kids younger than 5, early intensive behavioral intervention is more appropriate.

    This ABA program is anchored in an intensive and individualized curriculum that focuses on communication, social interaction, functional, and adaptive skills. The number of hours ranges from 20 to 40 hours per week depending on the signed-up sessions which usually continue until two or three years.

  • Communication is an important skill at any age.

    We need to understand what is happening around us and be able to let others understand our thoughts. Through intervention programs, autistic children can grasp the external environment and be able to voice out or share their thoughts.

  • Social interaction comes different to people.

    This early intervention teaches them to be comfortable in such situations and be more confident in the idea of interacting with others. Proper response and basic etiquette will be practiced.

Functional skills are taught based on their simplest concept while the child’s natural adaptive skills are developed to be more mature. Learn more about ABA Therapy St. Petersburg today.

At Innovative ABA Solutions, we are with you every step of the way. We also provide ADHD Therapy in Florida.

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