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Dealing with the Challenges of ADHD


Kids with ADHD are prone to tantrums, defiance, and filtering out parental instructions. Much like with Autism Spectrum Disorder, these symptoms can make it hard for them to navigate through the world and form long-lasting interpersonal relationships.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help your child manage their symptoms, and Innovative ABA Solutions is here to talk about those.

  • Behavior management

    Children with ADHD can display some problematic behaviors. While you can teach them which behaviors are acceptable and what are the consequences for certain behaviors at home. It can greatly benefit them if you invested in ADHD Therapy in Florida.

  • Defining rules

    Clear communication is important when raising kids with ADHD. You have to set clear, consistent rules of what behaviors will be rewarded and which ones will have punishment. But remember to be flexible. A child with ADHD does not and will not behave or process information the same as a child without ADHD will.

    In Behavioral Therapy, we always emphasize that “odd” behaviors that are not detrimental to your child’s development and wellbeing should be accepted as part of their personality.

  • Manage their aggression

    Aggressive outbursts are common in children with ADHD. When this happens, you have to calmly remove your child from the stimulus. “Time-out” is a great way to help your overactive child cool off. But be sure to explain to your child the reason why they’re in “time-out”.

Interested in ABA Therapy in Tampa, Florida? You’re in the right place. Just dial 813-569-4013 to set an appointment.

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