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What is ABA therapy?

Behavioral Therapy in St. Petersburg

Evidence-based ABA therapy to support development

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a research-backed therapeutic program based on scientific principles of learning and behavior. ABA therapy relies on the understanding of the functions of behavior and applies them to needed situations. In its simplest form, the goal is to create an increase in behaviors that are beneficial to the child and a decrease in behaviors that are harmful or interfere with the child’s quality of life. ABA therapy in Tampa, Florida involves multiple strategies for changing behavior, which makes it a flexible treatment. Moreover, it is custom-tailored to the needs of the individuals and can be provided in the home, school, or community.

Each of our clients is unique. Their needs vary, their environments differ, and their responses and behaviors are unique. For this reason, we create personalized therapy plans for each client. We do so by evaluating their behavior and consulting their parents, teachers, doctors, and other care providers to better understand their condition. We then use their information during our sessions. And during monthly parent training, we guide their family members on how to continue applying ABA techniques at home and in other environments. This is important because continuity is essential in promoting positive behavioral change for skill-building and development.

We offer Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for children with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
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ABA therapeutic techniques promote attention, focus, memory skills, academics, communication, and social skills. This form of treatment is also utilized to promote behavioral change through positive reinforcement to encourage the child to repeat positive behaviors.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
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Children with ADHD may be observed to have hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. Since ABA utilizes evidence-based behavioral principles, children who have ADHD may be guided in reducing problem behaviors and learning new skills.

Other Developmental Disabilities
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ABA allows a therapist to observe and understand children’s levels in key adaptive areas like communication, self-help, motor, and social skills. They will then identify goals that will be used as a guide as treatment sessions progress.

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